Wall coverings

There are innumerable interiors that require special wall coverings. Even among these, acoustic wall covering is an important area of ​​expertise.

Acousticians design and create concepts for the propagation of sound in the room. In this process, the acoustic parameters are determined. Interior designers create the visual appearance of a room. We at KEMABO make it possible, regardless of whether it is a sound-reflecting or sound-absorbing surface.

Our work consists of two parts: on the one hand, we have to guarantee the optics we have dreamed of, and on the other hand, the cladding must also technically fulfill the expected acoustic function.

Over the years we have been able to produce wall coverings for the most beautiful and best-sounding rooms in the country, so that today we can say that we are also considered experts in this field.

One of our first special wall cladding projects was the curved wall cladding of the MÜPA foyer, in which the cladding had to be detached on a curved surface in two levels. Many others have followed this project since then, such as the auditorium and interior furnishings of the University for Public Service, the opera house, the auditorium of the Premontrian Order of Gödöllő and the new campus of the CEU.

Twelve different cladding solutions were installed in the CEU buildings, covering an area of 5691 sq m depending on the function of the space.