The Kemabo Kft. has set the goal of creating high-quality interiors for the public buildings that its customers dream of, may it be offices, hotels, bank branches or educational institutions, and thus to contribute to the creation of environments that meet the expectations of the future . 

Our company was established on 02.11.1990, and with the knowledge and experience we have earned since then, we have delivered out a full range of interior design services for major projects.

Owing to our professional team of experts and broad background of suppliers, we are capable of implementing any internal space at high quality and with timely delivery.

For the implementation of unique plans, the production background is provided by our manufacturing plant, Bútorg Kft., founded in 1996.

We have collaboration with a number of domestic and international furniture manufacturers, and as a result mobile furniture, office furnishing solutions perceived to be closest matches to the demands of projects can be supplied from the broadest possible product selection.

The quality of our activities and services is backed by the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system, which has been continuously applied since 2000.

2017 also witnessed the introduction of an MSZ EN 14001:2015 environmental management system.


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29 years of professional experience
500 satisfied customers
350 500 m2 of furnished living and working space
Individual interior design

Our key area of expertise is associated with the architecture of internal spaces of large-scale construction projects. We have nearly three decades of experience in this specific field. KEMABO's professional team has been involved in such outstanding public buildings and projects as the MÜPA, the Civil Service University and the interiors of the Hard Rock Cafe.

We work for realizing the dreams and concepts that interior designers and architects formulate for various spaces.

Interior design is often confused with construction. Interior design requires much more attention and precision from all the trades involved and the people in charge.

Our project managers not only have a professional background in the carpentry trade, but also have extensive experience in project management. This ensures that the projects are completed in the expected quality and on time.

Our own production facility, Bútorg Kft, provides the right background for high-quality production. We cooperate with a number of domestic and foreign furniture manufacturers for the supply of mobile furniture and office equipment.

In this way we can guarantee that the dream spaces will come true.


Interior design for sports facilities

Sports facilities are a special category of public facilities. The spaces and the interior design should be tailored to the needs of athletes and visitors.

The expected use differs from conventional buildings When selecting the materials, above-average moisture, wetness or high numbers of visitors and users must sometimes be taken into account.

The KEMABO team has been involved in the implementation of a number of iconic sports facilities over the years. Thus, we have outstanding experience in this field among Hungarian interior design project companies.

The names of our colleagues are linked to the interior design of the Groupama Arena, the Danube Swimming Arena and the Vasas Stadium, among others.


Wall systems

The 21st century working environment is constantly adapting to the changing needs of the business, providing interiors of optimal size and design. The right look, sound insulation and quick and clean installation are also important.

All these requirements are met by the Aliplast ECONOLINE wall system used by KEMABO, which was developed for the design of door and window constructions for room dividers.

For the office area, it is suitable for both visual and sound insulation thanks to the two-layer glazing and the mini-blinds that can be used between the layers. Available in any colour from the RAL colour palette.

Flush-mounted windows can consist of aluminum frames, solid decorative glass or frameless single-pane glass.

Installation is quick, clean, dry and free of rubble. The surface can be easily cleaned, painted or wallpapered.

It can also be used in elegant, prestigious surroundings and is therefore ideal for bank branches, service offices as well as meeting and administration offices in large office buildings.

We have been using this system for years to renovate UniCredit and Budapest Bank branches.

Wall coverings

There are innumerable interiors that require special wall coverings. Even among these, acoustic wall covering is an important area of ​​expertise.

Acousticians design and create concepts for the propagation of sound in the room. In this process, the acoustic parameters are determined. Interior designers create the visual appearance of a room. We at KEMABO make it possible, regardless of whether it is a sound-reflecting or sound-absorbing surface.

Our work consists of two parts: on the one hand, we have to guarantee the optics we have dreamed of, and on the other hand, the cladding must also technically fulfill the expected acoustic function.

Over the years we have been able to produce wall coverings for the most beautiful and best-sounding rooms in the country, so that today we can say that we are also considered experts in this field.

One of our first special wall cladding projects was the curved wall cladding of the MÜPA foyer, in which the cladding had to be detached on a curved surface in two levels. Many others have followed this project since then, such as the auditorium and interior furnishings of the University for Public Service, the opera house, the auditorium of the Premontrian Order of Gödöllő and the new campus of the CEU.

Twelve different cladding solutions were installed in the CEU buildings, covering an area of 5691 sq m depending on the function of the space.

Office equipment

In the past nearly three decades, we have been involved in the design and construction of more than ten thousand office workplaces. This includes classic executive offices such as the office of the chairman of the National Bank, modern open workspaces with a large number of workplaces such as the headquarters of Jófogás, Vodafone or T-Com or workplaces in business premises in many bank branches.

For the realization of the underlying concepts, we have been in contact with the major domestic and international furniture manufacturing companies.